Dr. Jeninah Atwebembeire

In 2005 the faculty introduced the Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (DLT) programs in response to the demand by Science Laboratory Technologists (CLT) for academic growth in their career to diploma level in addition to the national demand for science laboratory technologists, particularly in secondary schools in Uganda.

This has been achieved as the faculty positions itself in line with the University strategic plan on the noble philosophy of community orientation. The Faculty of Science Laboratory Technology unit runs a two-year Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (DLT) in the field of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The programmes are designed to train technicians who will work in science-based establishments such as research centers, health facilities, educational institutions and industries. The aim is to provide good fundamental laboratory practice and procedures, and sound knowledge of the underlying scientific principles. The programmes require that students get adequate practical experience complementary to and concurrent with the courses they are studying.

This will ensure that students have sufficient exposure to develop their skills. The number of science-based establishments in Uganda and beyond is steadily increasing. Also, innumerable scientific innovations are highly contributing to development in Uganda and the world over. This calls for more and better trained technical manpower.

The background knowledge enables them cope with the science-based world of today and the increasing technological demands of the future. The training also provides the opportunity for further study for advancement in their careers as Science Technologists.

Dr. Jeninah Atwebembeire(HOD)Lecturer
Mr. Onyango SilverLecturer
Ms. Nakiguli CarolAss. Lecturer
General aim

The aim of this program is to provide: sound fundamental training in science laboratory techniques, organization and management, and the underlying scientific principles.

Specific objectives

At the end of the training, students should be able to:
• Apply the knowledge and skills acquired in science-based fields
• Ably write project reports


Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology, DLT (2 years) in:
a) Biology
b) Chemistry
c) Physics