HOD (Physics)

Ass. Prof Edwards Jurua
Senior Lecturer

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, PO Box 1410 Mbarara, Uganda


The Department of Physics was started in 1995, the same year when Faculty of Science was established. This was in response to the acute national demand for scientists, science teachers and education managers required for national development.

The department is actively involved in teaching, research and community services. The programmes offered by the department include both undergraduate (Physics for Bachelor of Science with Education (Physical) option) and postgraduate (Master of Science in Physics and PhD) in addition to Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Physics option).

The MSc is a two-year program by coursework and dissertation, while the PhD is a three year program by research, and the department is in the process of introducing a coursework component of the PhD programme.

The Bachelor of Science with Education programme is for three years, while the Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology programme is for two years. Courses in the department are designed to prepare students for different future career paths such as teaching, research, medicine, telecommunication, technology, Engineering, etc.

Through the Young Astronomers club, the department plays a vital role in improving physics education in secondary schools by training secondary school teachers and encouraging secondary school students to take careers in science related course.

Dr. Eduards JuruaAssociate Professor
Dr. Michael Robson Atim Lecturer
Tom MutabaziLecturer
Cosmos DumbaLecturer
Dr David Kilama OkotLecturer
Dr. Valence HabryarimanaAssistant Lecturer
Silver OnyangoLecturer
Nelson NduguAssistant Lecturer
Muheki PriscillahAssistant Lecturer
Dr Sharon AolPart-time lecturer
Tust OtooPart-time lecturer
Daphine AyebarePart-time lecturer
Geoffrey AndamaPart-time lecturer
Pascal AmanduLaboratory Technician
Thomas MbonimpaLaboratory Technician

The objectives of the department include:

    1.  To produce teachers who are capable of developing, conducting, analysing and reporting experiments
    2.  To produce teachers who can effectively teach in secondary schools and higher institutions of learning
    3.  To build capacity in Physics, needed in the various sectors
    4.   To provide students with advanced knowledge and skills required by Physicists
    5.  To provide students with research skills and knowledge required in the various sectors
    6.  To provide training in problem solving
    7.  To enhance staff teaching and research competences
    8.  To promote research and innovation in science and technology
    9.  To promote public interest in science and technology
    10.  To solve national and global scientific challenges through teaching and research

The department of Physics collaborates with a numbers of institutions globally. The International Science Programe (ISP), based in Uppsala University in Sweden, supports human resource development in Astrophysics and Space Science.

This is through postgraduate training. The ISP supports two project hosted by the department: the East Africa Research Network (EAARN) and MUST-ISP. The EAARN project is a collaboration between Entoto Observatory and Research Centre (EORC) (Ethiopia), University of Rwanda (Rwanda) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Uganda), while the MUST-ISP project is only for Mbarara University of Science and Technology.