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ASS.Prof Julius B.Lejju (PhD)
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I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Faculty of Sciences (FoS), Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Since its inception over two decades, the faculty has progressively grown from offering a single degree program in Bachelor of Science with Education to currently ten programs at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The faculty was mandated to train and produce quality and professional science teachers and education managers in response to the shortage of science teachers in Uganda. The faculty has therefore maintained its mandate of training professional science teachers, education managers, science technologists, and basic scientists, skilled in transfer and application of science and technology for national development.
The faculty has also maintained the university’s noble philosophy of community orientation to provide a holistic training for our diploma and degree students who are oriented to competently provide service in the rural community. On this note, the faculty has been known for producing the best science teachers in Uganda for the past two decades.
As we maintain excellence in our missions of providing quality education, research and serve the community, the faculty has programs relevant for the national needs and in-line with National Development Program (NDPIII) and Vision 2014. Currently the faculty offers a Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology, Bachelor of Science with Education, Masters in fields of Microbiology & Parasitology, Entomology & Vector Biology, Natural Resources Management, Chemistry, Physics, Educational Psychology, Educational Administration & Planning, Curriculum Instructions & Media Studies, including PhDs in all the relevant fields mentioned above.

The faculty staff is therefore committed to promote and sustain local interest in science by helping our aspiring students to become highly skilled and relevant human resource of tomorrow. The faculty is also committed in serving the needs of rural community by addressing their local needs through conducting relevant research projects in climate change, renewable energy, environmental pollution among others.
The faculty has a strong unit in the Department of Physic which is involved in Space Science research inline with the current need of the nation as Uganda strives to develop Space Science Technology.
The current global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has significantly affected the teaching and learning process in Uganda’s institutions of higher learning. The faculty is now prepared for any future challenges as the staff have been trained in the use of university’s virtual and online-based learning (Open and Distance e-Learning, ODeL) which provides an opportunity to change the traditional face-to-face learning in higher education for uninterrupted and continued learning for now and for years to come.
Finally, the availability of faculty staff working with teams from the national and international community on south-south and north – south collaborative projects with contribution of research equipment in these projects has undoubtedly accelerated success of science research in the Faculty.
Above all, it is the commitment and dedication of the academic and technical staff, working together with enthusiastic students of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate who are the architects of the Faculty’s success.


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“Succeed We Must” “For God and My Country”


Associate Professor Julius B. Lejju (PhD)

Dean, Faculty of Science

Phone:    +256-782 809814 / 704 711102